Infinity in a Reed. The invention of books and their historical journey.

At Trad&Go, translation experts, we are discussing Infinity in a Reed. The Spaniard Irene Vallejo got it right with this essay on the histo ry of books, in 2019, on the verge of a global pandemic that reconciled many of us with reading.

This book is an adventure about how this object has developed since the Egyptians began using the first papyrus scrolls 30 centuries ago to shelter people from the harshness of life and to feed their desire for infinity.

Books are without doubt the everyday objects with the most life of their own. It is he most millenary aura of all those who surround us at home or at work. Perspicacious and militant, Irene Vallejo conveys her enthusiasm for books and the irreproachable smile of someone who secretly knows that reading is the best.

Books have survived a thousand dangers and have become stronger and stronger. The author tells us about this in detail, with an erudition without obscurantism displayed with the simplicity of a happy tale that a mother reads to her child before getting into bed to dream of adventures.

If, like our favourite characters, you have to save yourself in life, then it is good to know that books hide the passwords that allow us to move on and project ourselves “to infinity and beyond”.

This book has been translated into 32 languages. At Trad&Go, translation agency, we hope that you read this masterpiece that deals with the importance of books in our lives.


“Who reads ten centuries of history and doesn’t close it when they see the same things with a different date?”

León Felipe


Read books: use the master key that opens every door

For as long as the world has existed and people have inhabited and travelled it. Basically the same things have always happened, one generation after another. Since ancient times, books have been telling stories with their unhurried voice.

Literature is the sharp and infallible microscope invented by human beings to look at themselves in the mirror of their conscience without being able to look away.

The kaleidoscopic truth of literature hypnotises like an abyss and liberates like someone growing wings. Do you want to learn more? Read books. Do you hope to understand current affairs beyond their superficial disguise? Read books. Do you feel like a puppet in the gullible and indistinct daily crowd? Read books.


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