Technical translation

Technical translation undoubtedly dominates the professional translation sector. This is why we center our efforts in mastering the technicalities of the language in question, as well as in deepening our knowledge of the material and terminology required at hand.

Financial & legal translation

In a truly globalised world, international transactions are the common currency of interdependence. Contracts, laws, talks, analyses or management reports are the vehicle of modernity across borders. Trad&Go is a specialist in this field.

Certified translation

Some authorities insist on the sensitivity of the translation of certain documents which are linked to legal or administrative proceedings. Our Legal Translation services, under the watchful eye of a professional and qualified translator in the field, will ensure that all work stays true to the original content. They also ensure that the translated text maintains the legal weight of the original document.

Journalistic translation

One of the specialties of Trad&Go is our Journalistic Translations of articles, feature reports or interviews which are destined to be published in national media and/ or broadcast on television. Each national media landscape is characterized by its own stylistic traditions. Our expert translators have been uniquely trained in the schools of new multilingual European media which define this new era.

Revision & edition

Our editors at Trad&Go are pleased to provide a classic service of revision, proofreading and/or corrections of texts which have already been translated. This is our guarantee of perfection to you, amidst the security of our rigor, especially for texts which will be diffused for a wider, more public audience. Precision is an essential virtue in a world moving at ever faster speeds and an ever higher level of improvisation.


Trad&Go has a wide variety of professional interpreters available, who are certified by official organisations to provide the highest quality of service to you.


Put all your resources to work. Allow yourself the pleasure of concentrating on your interview, the conference you are attending or the meeting in which important decisions should be made. We will do the job of transcribing and, when necessary, translating on your behalf. This service is especially directed to institutions, law courts, businesses, communication services, the press etc. The price of the service is calculated per minute of source material. We offer discounts for large volume.


Machine translation engines and artificial intelligence play a certain role, but they do not provide optimal translation quality. The role of professional translators is therefore crucial when revising or correcting texts. This is called post-editing.