Trad&Go is an agency which performs translations and linguistic revisions in multiple languages. Its headquarters are in Spain and its translators are based all throughout the world, while being managed from Brussels and Seville.

Usually, texts are in Word® or similar format, so the “Word Count” function in the Word® “Tools” menu can be used to count the number of words. For other formats, send us the document and we will count the number of words for you.

At Trad&Go we respect the format in which original texts are sent to us. Our translators rewrite over the actual document without making any formal changes. If exceptionally this proved impossible to do, we would consult with you before initiating the work so that you could validate our formal proposal.

We work with professional translators specialised in specific types and fields of translation. They always translate into their mother tongue.

Yes and we can also directly insert the translations into the web page administrator, so that they are on line as soon as possible.

If you are a professional translator, send us your candidature through our “Work” section. We will review your profile and offer you a non-commercial test translation.

Our agency performs assignments entrusted by companies, public institutions and individuals.

Our translators can translate up to 2.200 words per day. In case of urgency, we form a team of translators dedicated to your assignment, which entails a rate surcharge. We recommend that you give us a reasonable deadline to perform the work, so as to avoid having too many translators working on your text and thus guarantee style consistency.

Of course. You just have to fill in the form available in the “Quote” section.

Our quotes come with the VAT included and broken down from the total amount to be paid, so as to differentiate the real and output costs.

At Trad&Go, only the project translators and coordinators have access to the text submitted for translation. In the specific case of journalistic translations, we fully guarantee that there will be no conflict of interests between our translators and clients.

By bank transfer as indicated in our fee proposals and invoices. 50% of the amount is paid upon acceptance of the quote and the remaining 50% is paid upon validation of the translation sample, which we will send you once the whole assignment has been translated.