• Specific format

    The validity of the certified translation is charaterised by its delivery in print, with the original sigtnature and stamp of the certified translator. Moreover, an official certificate accrediting the truthful and complete translation of the written document is required.

  • Honesty and transparency

    On some occasions, a certified translator certifies translations performed by a third party: this is not usual market practice and is not prohibited by any specific norm. At Trad&Go, we undertake that the person certifying the translation will also be responsible for that translation, regardless of who actually performed it.

  • A brief consideration

    The legal world perhaps has the most complete translation dictionaries. This is due to the fact that this universe practically influences our whole daily life and provides a lot of work amongst professionals. Nonetheless, this profusion is misleading in terms of the level of complexity of this type of translation, since legal terms are – in the course of time – those which produce the most interpretation difficulties.

    Only certified translators-interpreters appointed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs can perform written certified translations. This appointment entitles professionals to perform certified translations from Spanish to a foreign language and vice-versa.

    Attention! If what you are looking for is a legal -but not necessarily certified- translation, please go to our Legal and Financial Translation section…

  • Our translators

    At Trad&Go we have a large range of professionals with the necessary accreditation from competent bodies to perform those kinds of assignments, guaranteeing both the quality of the translation and the accuracy of its content.

  • What we translate

    • Birth certificates
    • Marriage certificates
    • Voter/residency registration certificates
    • Criminal record certificates
    • Academic certificates
    • Contracts
    • Mortgage deeds
    • Work permits
    • Residency permits