Filling in the following form and sending us the text which you wish to translate will enable you to obtain a translation quote from Trad&Go. We will provide you with a translation quote within the following 12 hours. It does not commit you in any way, just saves you time!

Level of urgency

Ordinary translation: usual practice in the international translation market suggests that each translator will translate 2.200 words per day and need a minimum delivery deadline of 48 hours. In this case, rates are the standard ones.
Urgent translation: this is when a translator is asked to make a special effort in terms of work volume. From 2.201 to 4.000 words per day and a minimum delivery deadline of 24 hours. The rate includes a 50% surcharge.
Express translation: exceptionally, our professionals are capable of translating from 4.001 to 8.000 per day with a minimum delivery deadline of 12h. In this case, the rate integrates a 105% surcharge.


It is important that you clearly indicate to us the deadline that you must meet within your own organisation or for a specific project. This data will enable us not to waste your valuable time in the event that the proposed work volume exceeds our availability in terms of human resources. In this case, we will without delay invite you to look for another service provider.

Text’s function

Depending on the text’s function, the price varies below or above the standard rate.

Informal texts -25%!: text messages, e-mails, tweets, personal cards are available for a 25% discount.
Private texts – 10%!: Curriculum Vitaes, LinkedIn profiles, company presentations, will receive 10% off the marked price.
Public texts: articles for the press, official documents, legislation, contracts, manuals, publicity campaigns, literary creations, corporate information are available at the standard prices.
Legal Translation: certified for the authorities and stay true to the official character of the original. The official character of these translations are charged at a slightly higher price than the standard offer.

Financial & legal translation

In a truly globalised world, international transactions are the common currency of interdependence. Contracts, laws, talks, analyses or management reports are the vehicle of modernity across borders. Trad&Go is a specialist in this field.

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The Certified translation

Some authorities insist on the sensitivity of the translation of certain documents which are linked to legal or administrative proceedings. Our Legal Translation services, under the watchful eye of a professional and qualified translator in the field, will ensure that all work stays true to the original content. They also ensure that the translated text maintains the legal weight of the original document.

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The Technical translation

Technical translation undoubtedly dominates the professional translation sector. This is why we center our efforts in mastering the technicalities of the language in question, as well as in deepening our knowledge of the material and terminology required at hand.

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The Journalistic translation

One of the specialties of Trad&Go is our Journalistic Translations of articles, feature reports or interviews which are destined to be published in national media and/ or broadcast on television. Each national media landscape is characterized by its own stylistic traditions. Our expert translators have been uniquely trained in the schools of new multilingual European media which define this new era.

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Trad&Go covers all of your needs under any circumstance, be it interpreting services for small meetings, or for larger conferences hosting a wide range of meetings and simultaneous talks.

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