• Correct

    Trad&Go makes one of our linguists available to you. He/she will check spelling mistakes and that there are no omissions with respect to the original text. Anyone can make a mistake and destroy a set of good work, or the communication and commercial objective of the text. We look after your reputation by eliminating mistakes.


    If you wish, at Trad&Go an independent translator can proofread the translation performed by another translator in his/her mother tongue so as to polish idiomatic expressions, barbarisms and grammatical options. This service is recommended for academic texts, literature, journalistic pieces, communication campaigns and advertisement.

  • Edit

    The style of a text does not depend only on its author, but also on its type of recipient. At Trad&Go we offer a text editing service, aimed at connecting the languages of both parties, as well as adapting the contextual information to the semiotics which are familiar to the recipient. This service includes a report on the editorial changes and suggestions integrated into the text.

  • A brief consideration

    Despite the development of the internet, online business and the rise of communication without borders, there is no website which doesn’t offer its services in multiple languages. This field still suffers from an excess of improvisation and adaptation on impulse. Some companies or individuals offer unprofessional translation solutions which can also be technically deficient – take the example of automatic online translation tools, which do not take the complicated issues of context, tone and intention into account.

    ‘False friends’ are words or phrases which are translated often too literally into other languages, and often do not mean the same thing at all or can even reverse the meaning of the original. It’s a common pitfall in the industry. These simple slip-ups in meaning can occur when spoken in informal atmospheres, but are unforgivable in the context of the written world. It can be the root of fundamental misunderstandings between interlocutors, customers, businesses, authorities or institutions. It’s worth putting your trust in one of our bilingual professional who is culturally assimilated in the values and traditions of both linguistic regions. They will be there for you when that important text needs revision.

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