• Continuous improvement

    Traditional economic activity has given way to new emerging sectors, with the corresponding terminology coming into existence and requiring constant financial knowledge updating. At Trad&Go, we embrace this risk as a further challenge that enables us to improve our know-how.

  • Confidentiality

    Trad&Go guarantees and respects the confidentiality of each and every content submitted for high quality translation. Our agency is an independent company which is free from any conflict of interests. With us, your articles are free from any plagiarism or leak.

  • A brief consideration

    The current economic scene increasingly forces the business world to expand beyond traditional markets, more specifically towards emerging markets. In this context, the capacity to adapt to native languages becomes more and more indispensable in order to enter into commercial relationships with private companies, institutions and international organizations.

    The quality of both internal and external communications with clients and providers greatly contributes to the success of any company, and is often not granted the importance that it deserves. Communication requirements are thus vital in terms of ensuring a proper understanding when doing business. Do not lose a client just because you speak different languages!

    A badly translated business contract can put an end to a client’s hardly earned trust. A financial statement translated without exactitude can take away credibility from your department.

    The legal and financial worlds are perhaps those in which you can find the most complete translation dictionaries. This is due to the fact that those universes practically influence our whole daily life and provide a lot of work among professionals. Nonetheless, this profusion is misleading in terms of the level of complexity of this type of translation, since legal and financial terms are – in the course of time – those which produce the most interpretation difficulties.

  • Our translators

    In order to avoid incurring in the mistakes occasioned by what we call “look-alikes”, our translators network is made of professionals who, on top of being bilingual, know the legal and financial cultures perfectly well and have proven experience in the field of jurisprudence, mastering the corresponding terminology.

  • What we translate

    • Actas
    • Minutes
    • Civil, business or employment contracts
    • Mortgage deeds
    • Insolvency proceedings agreements
    • By-laws
    • Licenses
    • Marriage certificates
    • Summons
    • Arrests
    • Public regulation
    • Wills
    • Business plans
    • Financial statements
    • Management reports
    • Audit reports
    • Rating reports
    • Tax filings
    • Valuations