• Simultaneous interpretation

    Simultaneous interpretation is when the interpreter orally translates at the same time as the original speech. Consequently everyone receives the same message at the same time; those who understand the original language being used, and those who are getting a live, direct translation via their headpieces or receivers.

    Technical equipment is necessary for simultaneous interpretation. It can usually be very sophisticated, depending on the number of interpreters, who usually sit separately in a booth as they receive the direct feed, and the layout of the room or hall.

  • Consecutive interpretation

    In consecutive interpretation, the professional waits for the speaker to finish before offering an interpretation of what has been said. If the discourse is too long, the speaker tends to stop regularly and allows a delay, to permit an interpreter the space to offer a concise translation of what has just been said.

    This type of interpretation is a ‘direct’ communicative act in which non-verbal language (particularly eye contact) acquires immense significance. For example, this type of interpretation in liasion is most used in legal courts.

  • Whispered interpreting or ‘chuchotage’

    Whispered interpreting or ‘chuchotage’, as it is known in its original French, is a less common form of simultaneous interpretation. The process is most effective with a reduced number of participants who require direct, whispered interpretation, by an interpreter standing or sitting close to them. Ideally, this would be for one or two people. This type of interpretation can also complement consecutive interpretation, should the users of ‘chuchotage’ like to express themselves. It can also be used in negotiations or shorter meetings.

  • Our interpreters

    Whether for a small conference, or a large congress with a number of meetings or simultaneous discussions, Trad&Go has a wide variety of professional interpreters available, who are certified by official organisations to provide the highest quality of service to you.