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Tempestad en víspera de viernes

Tempestad en víspera de viernes is the uncomfortable and hypnotising gaze of the Spanish Kill Bill of verse. If poetry in Spanish needed a revulsive, readers will find it in Lara Moreno, who compiles her previous poetic work in this compilation published in 2020, adding to it the works she has written during these claustrophobic […]

In 2023 TradandGo turns 10

In 2023 TradandGo turns 10. But do you know how we got started? We’re just ordinary people who can’t believe how time has flown. But for us, it’s been an exciting decade. We’ve seen a project born during the dark years of the financial crisis come of age with the help of an entrepreneurial spirit […]

Technical Translation

Technical Translation By definition, technical translation means the translation of technical writing or texts that contain terminology used in a certain profession or area. In this type of translation, the translator must have a high level of skill and knowledge when it comes to understanding and using the terminology involved. That’s why it’s so important […]

Five reasons to translate your online shop

Do you have an online shop? Still not had it professionally translated? This post is for you. Here are five reasons to translate your online shop. During the pandemic, the volume of online sales shot up and companies had to adapt their platforms to improve the shopping experience for the user. Now, online sales are […]

Moon Palace. How to become an adult

Moon Palace, how to become an adult without becoming a fool in the process In this coming-of-age novel published in 1989, the American writer Paul Auster offers vital tips to understand one of the least studied and even less understood enigmas in our lives: how do you move on from adolescence and establish yourself in […]