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Journalistic translation

Press comuniques, Press dossiers, Teletypes, News articles, Reports, Interviews, Editorials…  More info

Certified translation

Birth certificates, Marriage certificates, Voter/residency registration, certificates, Criminal record certificates, Academic certificates… More info

Technical translation

Instruction manuals, Reparation manuals, Licenses, Product guarantees, Medical documents, Leaflets, Brochures… More info

Financial & legal translation

Minutes, Civil, business or employment, contracts, Mortgage deeds, Insolvency proceedings agreements, By-laws, Licenses… More info

Revision and edition

We review, proofread and edit documents in theses formats: Word, Pdf, Txt, Excel, Access, Odt, Html, ASP, PHP… More info


We cover any event, by interpreting services for small meetings, or for larger conferences hosting a wide range of meetings and simultaneous talks. More info


We transcribe audio or video files, with or without translation. Recorded interviews, conferences, debates, reports and scientific diagnoses, events or work meeting recordings. More info


Machine translation engines and artificial intelligence play a certain role, but they do not provide optimal translation quality… More info

Translation in more than 40 languages

Into English

Into Russian

Into Dutch

Into Hungarian

Into Spanish

Into Arab

Into Polish

Into Hebrew

Into French

Into Chinese

Into Greek

Into Catalan

Into German

Into Japanese

Into Serbian

Into Bask

Into Italian

Into Portuguese

Into Czech

Into Galician

and much more…

Level of urgency

Ordinary translation

2.200 words per day / 48h

Urgent translation

4.000 words per day / 24 h

Express translation

8.000 words per day / 12h

366 translators
186 cities
42 countries

“Without translation we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence”

George Steiner

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