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The terms “Trad&Go”, “Tradandgo”, “the Company”, “our” or “us/we” refer to the owner of this web site, which registered offices details are set out below:

Tradandgo S.L.
CIF.- B90039835
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41018 – Seville

Entered in the Mercantile Register of Seville in volume 5,682, folio 200, sheet SE-96 918. EU VAT: ESB90039835

The term “you” is understood to refer to the User or viewer of our web site.

Access to our web page is free except in what relates to the cost of connection through the telecommunications network provided by the access provider of the users’ choice. The translation services generally rendered by the company are priced as indicated in the corresponding commercial offer and will under no circumstances be offered or rendered through the Web site service.

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Therefore, the user should read each and all of the provisions herein, as well as the successive modifications which may be introduced both in the general conditions of use and in the eventually added special and specific conditions, which will be applicable to the user and may be consulted by accessing our web site.

The present general conditions of use do not exclude the possibility that certain web site services, due to their own particular characteristics, may be subject to specific conditions of use, which in any event can be consulted by the User beforehand.

All the content of our web site, including without limitation the texts, pictures, graphs, images, icons, technology, software, links and further audiovisual or sound content, as well as its graphic design and source codes (hereinafter the “Content”) are the intellectual property of Trad&Go and its professional third providers. None of the economic rights recognised by the applicable intellectual property regulation will be deemed to have been assigned or licensed to the User, except for those rights strictly necessary to use the web site.

The marks, trade names or distinctive signs are owned by Trad&Go or its professional third providers and access to the web site will not be deemed to confer any right over these marks, trade names and/or distinctive signs.

The content of this web site may not be distributed, presented, viewed, used to perform derivative works, modified, transmitted, reused, used to write up reports, uploaded on the Internet, published or used for public or commercial purposes without the express or written consent of the company.

Any User or Internet user who becomes aware that the Linked Sites lead to pages, which content or services are illegitimate, harmful, degrading, violent or contrary to public order, can contact Trad&Go, indicating the following:

        • Personal data of the informant: name, address, telephone number and email address;
        • Description of the facts which reveal the illegitimate or inappropriate nature of the Linked Site;
        • In a rights (such as intellectual property rights) infringement case, the data of the owner of the rights that have been infringed, if the owner is not the actual informant. Moreover, the informant should provide the title that proves the standing of the rights owner and if applicable, the informant’s capacity to represent and act on behalf of the owner;
        • An express statement that the information contained in the claim is exact.

Receipt by Trad&Go of the communication envisaged in this clause will not imply, according to the Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce, that Trad&Go has effective knowledge of the activities and/or content indicated by the informant.

Through its web site, Trad&Go offers the following content, services and activities: “translation, multilingual documentation and any other advertisement action”

On the basis of the development and evolution of the company and sector, Trad&Go can extend its web site to cover new services, activities and content, so as to improve the quality of the service rendered. In contrast, Trad&Go also expressly reserves the right to cancel, modify, replace or restrict the content, services or activities, without any notice to users.

a.- User status: user will mean any individual or legal entity who accesses the web site either to view, look into, search, consult its content or to locate or acquire any information of his/her/its interest.

Access to the web site for consulting, searching or viewing purposes will not require prior user registration validation, nor the communication of any user data.

b.- Use of the web site: The User acknowledges and accepts that the use of the content, information regarding personal data contained in the web site and/or services offered by the Web site will be at his/her/its own risk and under his/her/its sole responsibility.

The User undertakes to use the web site and services in accordance with the law, general conditions, specific conditions applicable to certain services and all further notices made known to the user.

Moreover, the user undertakes not to use the services and content to perform unlawful or criminal activities, or any activity that may infringe third party rights and/or the applicable legal rules and regulations.

The user undertakes not to introduce or spread into the web site any virus or other harmful device which may damage the computer systems of Trad&Go, third parties or users, nor to insert hyperlinks which enable access to the web site pages and services without due consent.

The user undertakes and commits not to take any action which may lessen the reputation of Trad&Go and third parties.
c.- Use of the material: The Company authorizes you to view and download a sole copy of the material included in this web site, exclusively for your personal and non-commercial use. The content of this web site, such as text, graphs, logotypes, images and other material (“Material”) is protected under both Spanish and foreign copyright laws. The unauthorized use of the Material may infringe legislation related to copyright, trademarks and other laws.

The copyright and ownership notices which show in the original Material must be kept in all copies made of the Material.

The sale, modification, reproduction, viewing, transmission, public presentation, distribution of the Material, as well as any other use thereof for any commercial or public purpose are strictly forbidden. Moreover, the use of the Material in any other web site or networked computer environment prohibited, regardless of its purpose.
d.- User acceptance: Through the mere use of the web site and by reading the general (and if applicable) specific conditions, the user undertakes to accept all conditions without reservation and take full responsibility for any inappropriate, negligent, culpable use or intentional misuse of the web site and its content. The user will bear all consequences and responsibility with respect to any legal or court action which may arise as a result of his/her/its conduct.
e.- Data collection forms. Without prejudice to the seventh section of the present Legal Notice, as well as the privacy policies accessible from the Web site and which may be applicable at any given time, the use of certain services or requests addressed to Trad&Go is subject to prior User registration.

All information provided by the User through the Web site forms, for the above-mentioned or any other purposes, must be true. For this purpose, the User guarantees that all communicated data is exact and will keep the information provided to Trad&Go perfectly up to date, so as to reflect the User’s real situation at all times. In any event the User will be exclusively responsible for false or incorrect statements made by him/her and the damages caused to Trad&Go or third parties due to the information provided.
f.- Insertion of hyperlinks to the Web site. The Internet user who wishes to insert links from his/her/its own web pages to the Web site must comply with the conditions detailed below, without the user’s ignorance of these conditions exempting him/her from the corresponding legal responsibilities:

The link will only link to the Web site home page and will not reproduce this home page (inline links, copies of the text, graphs etc.) in any way.

In any event, in accordance with the applicable legislation at any given time, it will be prohibited to frame the website and use any settings which enable the display of Content through different internet protocols (IP) than the web site IP or which, when viewed together with external content to the web site: cause or may cause the users to be mistaken, confused or misled as to the real origin of the service or Contents; involve an act of unfair comparison or imitation; serve to take advantage of the reputation and standing of the Trad&Go brand; or which are in any other way prohibited by applicable legislation.

No false, incorrect or inexact statement will be made from the page introducing the link regarding Trad&Go, its partners, employees, clients or the quality of the services rendered thereby.

In no event will the page including the link provide that Trad&Go has consented to the insertion of the link or in any way sponsors, collaborates, verifies or supervises the link sender’s services.

The use of any denominative, graphic or mixed mark or of any other distinctive Trad&Go sign within the link sender’s page is prohibited, except as legally permitted or expressly authorized by Trad&Go and provided always that a direct link to the Web site is enabled as set out in this clause.

The page including the link must strictly comply with applicable legal provisions and cannot directly provide or link to its own or third party content when this content: is illegal, harmful, contrary to public order and good practices; induces a false belief in the User that Trad&Go endorses, backs up, subscribes to or any way supports the ideas, statements or expressions, legal or not, of the link sender; is inappropriate or irrelevant with respect to Trad&Go’s activity on the basis of the location, content and themes of the link sender’s web site.


a.-Service functionality and availability: Trad&Go will not be responsible for any errors in the functioning of the web site, nor for interruptions, delays, slowness, losses or disconnections in the communications and transmission of messages. Trad&Go does not guarantee, nor will it be responsible for a continuous and uninterrupted functionality and effectiveness of the web site.

b.- Responsibility for content: Material may be imprecise or include typing mistakes. The company will not be responsible for the exactitude, reliability, complexity or validity of this web site or material. You are responsible for your use of this web site or the material.
This web site is regularly modified as deemed appropriate. Trad&Go does not guarantee the quality, exactitude, suitability, exhaustiveness or reliability of the data, programs, information or opinions, of whatever origin, that are included in the web site.

c.- Responsibility for third parties: Trad&Go will not be responsible for decisions taken on the basis of the information provided on the Web site, nor for damages suffered by the User or third parties as a result of any act performed against users by third parties to the system in violation of the security measures, such as the transmission of computer viruses, indiscriminate advertising or spam, commercial emails, the interruption of the service and access to messages.

d.- Responsibility for damages to the user: Trad&Go will not be responsible, either directly or on a subsidiary basis,  for the damages of any nature caused to the user due to errors and mistakes in the access, connections, transmissions, the interruption of service without due cause, intrusions, computer viruses, indiscriminate advertising or when the damages are due to external circumstances to the web site, such as for instance defects in the user’s computer, deficiencies in his/her/its connection, internal viruses in the user’s computer, slowness and problems in the user’s telephone operators communications or in a force majeure event. The company will not bear the costs resulting from the reparation or replacement of the equipment or data required to use the web site or material.

e.- Responsibility for content and services linked through the web site. Trad&Go will endeavor to disseminate correct and exhaustive information on this web site. However, Trad&Go does not guarantee, nor will it be responsible for the relevance, correction and exhaustiveness of said information. The access service to the web site includes linking technical devices, directories or even search engines which allow the User to have access to other Internet web pages and sites (hereinafter, the “Linked Sites”). In those cases, Trad&Go will act as an intermediation services provider in accordance with article 17 of the 34/2002 Law of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce of 12 July (LSSI) and will only be responsible for the content and services provided in the Linked Sites to the extent that it has actual knowledge of any illegality and fails to diligently deactivate the link. In the event that the User considers that a Linked Site has illegal or inappropriate content, it can communicate this to Trad&Go, without Trad&Go being obliged in any way to remove the corresponding link as a result of this communication.

The existence of Linked Sites will not imply the existence of agreements with their owners or with the individuals or entities in charge thereof, nor will it presuppose any recommendation, promotion or identification by Trad&Go with the provided statements, content or services.

Trad&Go has no knowledge of the Linked Sites content and services and does thus not accept liability for the damages resulting from Linked Sites content and/or services which contain mistakes, are illegal, of poor quality, unavailable, useless or out of date, nor for any other damages not directly attributable to Trad&Go.

a.- Modifications: Trad&Go reserves the right to make any modifications that it may deem appropriate to the web site and organise, remove or add content. Those modifications will be made unilaterally and without prior notice. Trad&Go also reserves the right to modify and/or write up new general and specific conditions in function of the new activities it may take up or in order to comply with new legislation and regulations. Those modifications will only become compulsory upon their entry into force and will apply as soon as the user accesses the web site.

b.- Suspension of the service: Trad&Go reserves the right to unilaterally suspend the service without prior notice or to deny access to the web site, whether temporarily or indefinitely, to any user who does not comply with the present general or specific conditions or performs acts of an illegal or unlawful nature, or which are contrary to public order and good practices.

c.- In the event of unilateral termination of the service or denial of web site access, Trad&Go will previously inform you of the termination grounds, as well as the reasons for its decision. In those cases, Trad&Go undertakes to keep the information stored on its server during ten calendar days, after which the data will be removed, without any liability on Trad&Go’s part.

Trad&Go is Data Controller for the processing of personal data of Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers and informs you that this data will be processed in accordance with the provisions of Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR) on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and Organic Law 15/99 of 13 December, on Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), and therefore provides the following information on the processing:

a.- Trad&Go informs Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers of this site that it may create a computerised file with the personal data provided to Trad&Go as a result of the use of the present web site and in strict compliance with the provisions of data protection legislation. The party responsible for the file is the Management of Trad&Go.

b.- The responsible party states that the purpose of the processing is to maintain a commercial relationship with the Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers, and the operations planned for the processing are the following:

– The sending of commercial marketing communications via e-mail, social networks or any other electronic or physical medium, present or future, that makes the sending of commercial communications possible. These communications will be sent by Trad&Go and will always be related to its products and services.

– To process orders, applications or any type of request made by Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers through any of the contact methods made available to them.

– To send the website’s newsletter.

c.- The data will be stored as long as there is a mutual interest in maintaining the purpose of the processing and when they are no longer necessary for that purpose, they shall be deleted with the appropriate security measures to ensure the pseudonymisation of the data or their complete destruction.

d.- Your data may be transferred in all those cases where it is necessary for the development, compliance and control of the relationship between the recipient of the service and our entity or in the cases where it is authorised by a binding rule and, in particular, when there are cases such as for the purposes of a legitimate interest of the Data Controller or the assignee covered by that rule (tax administration, financial institutions, tax, accounting or labour consultancy, web server and media agency, etc., etc.).

Trad&Go undertakes to comply with the obligation of secrecy with respect to the processed personal data and represents its intention to put the necessary technical and organizational measures into place, so as to guarantee the security of personal data and avoid their alteration, loss, unauthorized processing or access, given the state of technology, the nature of stored data and the risks to which they are subject, regardless of whether those risks originate from human action or the physical or natural environment.

e.-Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers may exercise at any time their rights of access, rectification, erasure and objection with respect to their collected and stored data. Those rights must be exercised by written communication to Trad&Go, c/ Finlandia nº 2.-Pt E or The exercise of those rights will not affect access to the web site in any way, nor (if applicable) the Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers subscriber status.

f.- By providing Trad&Go with personal data, Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers declare that they fully and unreservedly accept the processing of said data by Trad&Go. Customers / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers, by ticking the corresponding boxes and entering data in the fields marked with an asterisk (*) in the contact form or submitted in downloaded forms, expressly accept, freely and unequivocally, that their data are necessary for their request to be fulfilled by the provider, with inclusion of data in the remaining fields being voluntary. The Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers guarantee that the personal data provided to Trad&Go are accurate and are responsible for communicating any changes to them.

  1. – In accordance with the provisions of the regulations in force on protection of personal data, Trad&Go is complying with all the provisions of the RGPD and LOPD regulations for the processing of personal data under its responsibility, and clearly with the principles described in Article 5 of the RGPD and Article 4 of the LOPD, whereby they are processed lawfully, fairly and in a transparent manner in relation to the data subject and should be adequate, relevant and limited to what is necessary in relation to the purposes for which they are processed.

Trad&Go guarantees that it has implemented appropriate technical and organisational policies to apply the security measures established by the GDPR and the LOPD in order to protect the rights and freedoms of Clients / Workers / Users / Candidates / Suppliers and has communicated the appropriate information for them to be able to exercise their rights and freedoms.

h.- The infringement of the present conditions of use in terms of personal data protection and in general, governed by Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (GDPR), by Spanish legislation on Data Protection (Ley Orgánica 5/1999, de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal and Real Decreto 1720/2007 approving the Regulations for the implementation of the said Organic Law) will give rise to the corresponding complaint before the Spanish Data Protection Agency, as well as to the filing of any relevant proceedings, should the person(s) responsible for the infringement belong to Trad&Go.



All questions regarding the web site will be entirely governed by Spanish Laws and subject to the competent Spanish Courts.

Should any provision of the present terms and conditions of use be or become invalid, whether partially or totally, the rest of the provisions will remain valid. Any invalid provision will be deemed replaced by a valid provision which fulfils, as far as legally permitted, the economic purpose of the invalid provision.

Trad&Go may address client communications by post to the user’s address, email, telephone or any other public means of dissemination, provided this information was duly made known to Trad&Go.

In this regard, all notifications made by Trad&Go to the user will be deemed valid, if made using the above-mentioned data and means.

All notifications and communications made by the user to Trad&Go will be deemed valid, for all purposes, when addressed to Trad&Go through any of the following manners:

  • By post to the following address: C/Finlandia nº 2 E 7ºC.- 41012 Seville-Spain.
  • By email to the following address:


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